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Dear Mr. Moffat,

Please make the Doctor's next main companion a male.

Thank you kindly,

Um, what?

Jan. 20th, 2010 07:02 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] damalur for bringing this to my attention. Story taken from the Hollywood Reporter.

Fox developing U.S. version of 'Torchwood'

Original producing team on board to adapt U.K. series

By James Hibberd

Jan 19, 2010, 10:00 AM ET

Story under cut. )
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I think the person who wrote this Doctor Who fandom secret read my mind and then posted it. This still upsets me more than Tennant leaving. (Which I'm also sad about.)

I'm being nice and hiding the F!S under a cut. )

And on a totally random note, I really want to go to Dragon*Con next year.

And I still need to get another DW icon aside from my Donna one above.

Doctor Who

Nov. 16th, 2009 02:00 am
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I thoroughly approve of [ profile] damalur's reaction to Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars. That is all.
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Just found out that the new season of The Sarah Jane Adventures won't be starting late August/early September like planned (as well as previous seasons have.) Instead it will be starting in October, around the 15th according to some sources. This means that the two episodes David Tennant will be in as the 10th Doctor will air mid-November, probably within a week of the next Doctor Who special. >( I am not impressed. I was hoping for some Doctor Who viewing during September, possibly early October to break the long time between the last Doctor Who special and the next one. Not sure why they decided to put off starting the new season for a month, but I do not approve. (And we all know how much pull I have with CBBC.) What's the point in having Tennant be on SJA if its going to be only a couple of days before the DW special. -_-

Just wanted to let people know and rant a little about it.
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It's so wrong, so I had to share. )

Also, I've been watching episodes of Enterprise. I feel like physical contact with T'Pol is way too common. Am I just being picky?

Oh, and quick note, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to go to my cousin's wedding and won't be back until Sunday night - with limited to no internet access. Have a great weekend guys! Why is my spell check telling me internet is spelled wrong? It's making me paranoid.
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Don't know if y'all have seen these, but they're a trailer and preview clip from Doctor Who: Waters of Mars.


Preview Clip!
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[ profile] raygunronica came over last night and we watched TOS episodes. Finally finished the first season and got through a few of the second. (Yes, I'm watching them in order.) I had a great time! I finally got to see Amok Time and The City on the Edge of Forever (among others.) I enjoyed the episodes themselves and the commentary we had, too.

I was thinking that us DCers should get together and go see a movie or do something else together. What do y'all think?

I don't know if I've mentioned [ profile] kagedtiger's fan fiction before, but if I haven't and if you haven't read anything from her, you seriously should. She's written Star Trek fic and Merlin fic on her LJ, with links to other fandom fics as well. A little while ago she wrote a Doctor Who/Merlin crossover fic Endless Midnight, which took place shortly after the DW episode Midnight. Today she wrote a prequel (of sorts) with Merlin and Captain Jack from Torchwood titled The time that Merlin met Jack. They're good. You should read. If you're not into DW or Merlin, you should check out her Star Trek fic, which is what introduced me to her. I would suggest starting with Past Sorrows, Present Joy.

As [ profile] lila_blue_b mentioned in her journal, we have come to the conclusion that Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen is always on topic. Whether you agree or not, that is now gospel on my journal. Case-in-point: my icon.

ETA: I may have to add Princess Bride to my always on topic list as well. I just saw this icon and it seriously WINS:
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Instead of editing my previous post, I decided just to post a new one. >.> One more f!s from [ profile] fandomsecrets:

I freaking love this secret so much! (Just ignore the misspelling.) It seriously makes me want to buy a pocket watch for the exact same reason. Weird? Maybe. But so true. (Not that I will, but it makes me want to.)

Doctor Who. <3

Ahem. That is all.
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I'm supposed to be writing a paper for class, so of course I'm procrastinating and lurking on the internet. I found this very cute Doctor Who mini episode.

Videos behind the cut )
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[ profile] damalur posted a link to a BBC article which revealed who the next DW companion will be.
Cut for spoilers )
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[ profile] damalur linked to an article that talked about the possibility of a Doctor Who movie. Though we probably wouldn't get to see it in its theater big screen glory in the US, I still think it's an awesome idea. Of course, I immediately thought that Tennant should be in it (because I love him as the Doctor so much and don't know how I'm going to like the new one, though I'm hoping.) But then I read this comment from Adam Wright which said:
If this new movie goes ahead, it will be the 4th Doctor Who film (I believe). I think they should show the 8th to 9th Doctor regeneration (Paul McGann to Chris Eccleston) at the start, then base the movie on Eccleston in the time war. The time war is a big event in Dr Who we never actually saw, happening after the 1996 TV movie but before the series comeback in 2005.
Just imagine that. The battle scenes with Daleks and Timelords, all wiped out at the end apart from our Doctor. And at the very end, Eccleston could either walk away so the 2005 series is later on, or he could detect living plastic activity and run off, like he's off to meet Rose in episode 1.

I think that's a brilliant idea for a movie idea. I started watching Doctor Who with the new series and have never seen anything from the older series (or read any of the novels), so I had, for the longest time, just thought that the Time War was something that had happened before the first Doctor Who came out. It wasn't until a couple of months ago, when reading a Doctor Who fan comic, that I realized this was not the case. It's kind of crazy that something so big as having his planet destroyed along with all of the other Timelords (Etc) wasn't shown or anything. I mean, when I assumed it happened before the first Doctor Who started, it made sense that it wasn't shown, but such a big activity happening in between Doctors and series seems weird to me. That has to've had such a huge impact on the Doctor, which I am only seeing shadows of since I have not seen any of the older series, that I think it needs some serious airtime. And what better way than to bring it to the big screen?

Of course, the movie may never happen, but the idea of it makes me smile.


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