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It's been a while, so I thought I would post something.

First, did you know that women can't write sex? -.-

Other, more important information: I don't really rec fics, because most of the fics I read are from recs by my fabulous friends, so everyone's already read them already, but I had to rec this, because I have been craving Jane Austen/fandom interaction for weeks. I haven't even been picky about which fandom. Finally my craving has been sated (for the moment.) Go here to read a cute, short Star Trek fic. It's the Jane Austen version of Uncouth Person, if you've ever heard of it. Anyways, its Jane Austen and Star Trek, all in one fic, which is awesome. Another fic which I found amusing was the Yorkshire version of Uncouth Person, which, I'm sure you'll be happy to know, has a translation at the end of the page.

Attention all you Star Trek fans of mine: [ profile] to_boldly_give is a charity community brought about from [ profile] ontd_startrek comments. It's affiliated with a number of different communities, but sadly only has 27 members. I support charity and think y'all should check it out and support charity, too. Right now they're voting on which charity to support. Go vote!

Um... and yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Just finished proofreading my group paper, so I can't think as coherently as I would like atm. Maybe more will come later.
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First, LJ and fics and Star Trek are eating me alive, so I've decided to try not to read all of the fic that is coming up on my friends page from the comms I am part of. Instead, I'm going to see if I can survive only on fic recs. So, please send me fic recs (doesn't have to be Star Trek).

Second, [ profile] lila_blue_b took a Jungian personality test and so I decided to take one, too. I didn't agree with it and took another one at a different site (mainly because it gave me a cool little png that I could post on lj), and so here are my results:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Still not sure if I agree with it or not. A lot of it, yes, but not all. (Which actually kinda works with this personality. >.>)

Third, writing in LJ has brought the fact that I use the word 'totally' a lot to the forefront of my awareness. This does not mean that I'll stop, just that I've noticed this. It's like commas, so easy and appropriate to use...

Fourth, I am totally in love with the song Gravity sung by Sara Bareilles. It is love. )

Fifth, in my previous posts I've talked about Zachary Quinto and my growing appreciation for him. I have to take a moment now to comment on his fashion style. It is certainly unique. I don't really know what to say to some of his outfit choices... And I have to wonder like some others if he is color blind or not. Fashion style examples... )

Even in light of these interesting fashion choices, I still like him.

That's it for now.


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