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Are scenes of Arthur shirtless in bed going to be the norm for the rest of the season?

I won't complain. Promise.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:52 am
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I was so amused by this, I had to share:

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So today was Anarchy Day on [ profile] ontd_startrek and I forgot to stop watching them for the day, so my flist is flooded and I am lazy and do not want to go through the hundreds of posts on it.

If you have a post that you did today or yesterday that you want me to see, let me know. Otherwise I'll probably miss it.

Flisters who watch Merlin. Who's seen the second episode? Thoughts? I would like reactions!
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[ profile] raygunronica came over last night and we watched TOS episodes. Finally finished the first season and got through a few of the second. (Yes, I'm watching them in order.) I had a great time! I finally got to see Amok Time and The City on the Edge of Forever (among others.) I enjoyed the episodes themselves and the commentary we had, too.

I was thinking that us DCers should get together and go see a movie or do something else together. What do y'all think?

I don't know if I've mentioned [ profile] kagedtiger's fan fiction before, but if I haven't and if you haven't read anything from her, you seriously should. She's written Star Trek fic and Merlin fic on her LJ, with links to other fandom fics as well. A little while ago she wrote a Doctor Who/Merlin crossover fic Endless Midnight, which took place shortly after the DW episode Midnight. Today she wrote a prequel (of sorts) with Merlin and Captain Jack from Torchwood titled The time that Merlin met Jack. They're good. You should read. If you're not into DW or Merlin, you should check out her Star Trek fic, which is what introduced me to her. I would suggest starting with Past Sorrows, Present Joy.

As [ profile] lila_blue_b mentioned in her journal, we have come to the conclusion that Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen is always on topic. Whether you agree or not, that is now gospel on my journal. Case-in-point: my icon.

ETA: I may have to add Princess Bride to my always on topic list as well. I just saw this icon and it seriously WINS:
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Warning that post is a little long with a handful of pics.

A cut for those who don't care about my fandom murmurings. (Of course seeing as that's all I really talk about on here, gotta wonder why you're watching me. Just saying.) )
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Finished watching the BBC series Merlin yesterday. Overall I enjoyed it. It's similar to the BBC's Robin Hood in that it is loosely based on the legend and fairly historically inaccurate. Luckily I am a lot less familiar with the Arthurian legend than I am with the Robin Hood legend, so I could enjoy it without having to forget half as many things. I am wondering how they'll be reconciling some things - like how Gwen is a servant of Morgana (and yet is supposed to end up marrying Crown Prince Arthur.) I figure it'll all work out somehow. >.> I'm just along for the ride.

It was amusing watching the first couple of episodes because of the different people associated with Doctor Who who were in them. Merlin is played by Colin Morgan who played Jethro (emo kid) in the episode Midnight (where the Doctor's on the diamond covered planet.) King Uther (Arthur's father) is played by Anthony Head, better known for playing Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played an alien school headmaster in one DW episode. The more I see him in, the more I enjoy him. Eve Myles also guest starred in the first episode. She plays Gwen on Torchwood. Michelle Ryan has a recurring role. She played Lady Christina in the last DW special and also starred in Bionic Woman. I was also happy to see Alexander Siddig guest star in an episode (better known as Julian Bashir on Star Trek:DS9.)

Next season (series if you want to be British) will start in September and I'll probably watch it. (It'll keep me occupied while I wait for more Doctor Who. ;_;) This season was only 13 episodes long. I am not sure how long next season is supposed to be.

I would also like to reiterate how much I absolutely love Hugh Jackman. No new news here as a reason for the sudden (yet often reconfirmed) confession. Just was thinking about him. XD He is such an awesomely talented guy. Not just doing action and romance movies, he also sings and dances. Movies, plays, musicals - he does it all. And he looks pretty darn hot while doing it, too.

And, because you can never have enough singing!Jackman, I will leave you on this note:


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