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Last night I went and Star Trek again, but with strangers this time! Well, near strangers. Wonderful people from [ profile] ontd_startrek met up at a theater in Chinatown, DC to watch the movie together.

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Can I just take a moment to say how freaking hot Chris Pine looks in this picture?

I vaguely remember that episode of CSI, too, and I totally thought the same thing when I was watching it. (Just replace 'Chris Pine' with 'that guy'.)

So I woke up a little after one today after going to bed just before 12:30 last night. Am not impressed with myself. I was apparently having interesting/fun dreams this morning, because I vaguely remember waking up a couple of times just to go right back to sleep because I wanted to keep dreaming whatever it was I was dreaming. Tonight I hope to go to bed a little earlier and get up a lot earlier tomorrow. We shall see how successful I am.

On other non-Star Trek (!), non-sleeping news, I really love my Blackberry (BB) Pearl, because it's the size of a regular phone, but has the features of a smartphone. I still love it, but I am starting to wish I had a bigger smartphone with a bigger screen. With that intro, I am excited about BB's two upcoming phones: the Tour 9630 and the Storm 2.

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The best thing about these two phones? They both should be released on Verizon first (well, rumored for the Tour). Since my phone service is currently with Alltel, I'll be Verizon soon. (Wish I knew when soon was, though. Mergers. -.-)

I'm also feeling the Palm Pre. )
Too bad it's attached to Sprint.

This post has taken me too long to write (mainly because I kept getting sidetracked by new phone pics and reviews), so I'm going to end it now. Cheers.


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