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[ profile] lila_blue_b and I have started a fic challenge over at [ profile] tarsus_iv_fic. We're looking for prompts for the next two weeks and then we'll be hoping that people claim them and produce stuff. So if you have an idea for a prompt that has to do with Tarsus IV, come on over and comment with your prompt! Interested in art instead of fic? That's okay! Our challenge is open to fics, art, fanvids, etc.
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Also, [ profile] lila_blue_b and I are looking for a Jim-centric moodtheme for [ profile] tarsus_iv_fic or info on how to make moodthemes. If anyone can point us in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. :)
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Not my F!S:

First, 'I'mma let you finish" stuff? Still amusing.

Second, ignoring its overuse in fandom (in my opinion, especially nu!Trek fandom), do you guys think that t'hy'la can only refer to a guy/guy relationship? Do you think it can never be used for S/U? Do you guys think it should only be used for K/S and no one else?

I was kind of surprised that 99.9% of the people commenting on this F!S agreed with the secret and, furthermore, thought t'hy'la should be a K/S only term. The other .1% seemed to change their minds partway through the comments as well.

Just wanted opinions from people I know.
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Art by [ profile] hack_benjamin22 for The One-Eyed Man Is King by [ profile] acetamide. (An awesome Kirk/McCoy AU Big Bang story that you should read if you haven't already.)

Just had to post, because I love when the pop vs. soda issue shows up in fic. I think I've only really seen it with Jim (being Iowan/MidWestern), though. I love when fics have McCoy actually using coke instead of soda as well.

As a Florida girl with two Iowan parents and as someone who used to say pop on purpose to confuse and annoy friends, I get the whole pop/soda debate. It seriously makes me smile and grin every time I read a reference to it.

That is all. (And it's pop.) (Or is it soda?)


Oct. 13th, 2009 06:47 pm
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Let's play name the Star Trek fan artist. I really want to know who this person is talking about (because I'm a curious person.) I can't tell from the blur that is the secret, though. Maybe one of you guys will recognize it?

Under cut to be nice. )
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People have been talking and speculating about what the next Star Trek movie will be about and what parts of TOS will be included, Khan often mentioned as a possible adversary. After watching the mirrorverse episodes of Enterprise last night and reading a line from a fic just now about Spock Prime knowing alternate versions of himself, I've started thinking about a mirrorverse based movie and how awesome that would be. I don't know how they would do it, but I love the thought of it. I would love to see the new cast as mirror!characters. I really kind of want it bad now. Of course, I just thought of it, so it may pass, but I doubt it. Two things I am fascinated by in TOS: Tarsus IV (and how it affected Jim) and the mirrorverse.

TL;DR Quinto!Spock with a beard anyone? y/y?

(Heck yes, I just made a quick paint picture of mirror!Quinto!Spock.)
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Under cut for Enterprise Mirror!verse Spoilers. )
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Kristen, did you make this F!S? ;P )

Star Trek!

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:59 am
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I'm just going to take this moment to reiterate how excited I am about the Star Trek DVD and can't wait until it comes out. I'm sure most, if not all of you, (at least those who're interested in these kinds of things) have already seen this on [ profile] ontd_startrek, but it's worth posting again. So I am. I live for extras and the bit that they showed here make me happy. Hopefully it's just hemorrhaging extras - using LOTR as a beautiful example of the mass of extras that should be on this DVD. Regardless, I'm getting it.

And we're totally having a Star Trek viewing party at someone's place with someone's copy of the movie, DC people. WE ALL KNOW THIS.


Aug. 14th, 2009 01:22 pm
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Spoiler Comments for S1E17 or E18 )
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It's so wrong, so I had to share. )

Also, I've been watching episodes of Enterprise. I feel like physical contact with T'Pol is way too common. Am I just being picky?

Oh, and quick note, I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to go to my cousin's wedding and won't be back until Sunday night - with limited to no internet access. Have a great weekend guys! Why is my spell check telling me internet is spelled wrong? It's making me paranoid.
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Hey all! So, I think that everyone is back from their travels. I told [ profile] lillbet that we should watch Star Trek IV together (yeah, the one with the whales) and so thought I would see if anyone else wanted to watch it? I have it on my computer so we can watch it at my house. (Limited spacing the main reason why I am posting this on my LJ and not on [ profile] gqmf_dc.) Was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in coming over and watching it and, if so, when would be good for you guys? I am going to be out of town next weekend and I start new classes shortly after (but I'm not sure when they are.) Otherwise, I'm fairly free.

ETA: Monday the 10th or Tuesday the 11th would be best for me. Are either one of those days okay with y'all?

ETA2: So, it looks like it's going to be on the 11th at 6pm. If anyone has the DVD, feel free to bring that over and we'll watch that version instead. Discuss how you guys want to handle food and I'll go along with whatever you guys decide.
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So I should be in bed (because [ profile] lila_blue_b is coming tomorrow later today!!!), but I'm not quite yet.

[ profile] spiderwebb, [ profile] raygunronica, her beau (Eric), and I went out the other day and the game Never Have I Ever came up in our conversation (remember?) and none of us remembered how to actually play it. Well, now you can have a refresher course while reading Star Trek fic Never Have I Ever. (Warning for slut!Kirk) I was so amused that this fic came up so soon after our convo and had to share. So next time we're together, we can play Never Have I Ever.

Okay, now time for bed.
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I've been wondering this for a while, but haven't been able to find an answer, so maybe y'all can tell me - what does 'con' stand for? Y'know, when Kirk leaves the bridge and tells Spock or Sulu or whoever that they have the con?

Explain please. Thanks.

ST Macro

Jul. 10th, 2009 02:21 am
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I feel this bears repeating. )
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It's been a while, so I thought I would post something.

First, did you know that women can't write sex? -.-

Other, more important information: I don't really rec fics, because most of the fics I read are from recs by my fabulous friends, so everyone's already read them already, but I had to rec this, because I have been craving Jane Austen/fandom interaction for weeks. I haven't even been picky about which fandom. Finally my craving has been sated (for the moment.) Go here to read a cute, short Star Trek fic. It's the Jane Austen version of Uncouth Person, if you've ever heard of it. Anyways, its Jane Austen and Star Trek, all in one fic, which is awesome. Another fic which I found amusing was the Yorkshire version of Uncouth Person, which, I'm sure you'll be happy to know, has a translation at the end of the page.

Attention all you Star Trek fans of mine: [ profile] to_boldly_give is a charity community brought about from [ profile] ontd_startrek comments. It's affiliated with a number of different communities, but sadly only has 27 members. I support charity and think y'all should check it out and support charity, too. Right now they're voting on which charity to support. Go vote!

Um... and yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Just finished proofreading my group paper, so I can't think as coherently as I would like atm. Maybe more will come later.
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First of all, I finished my individual paper! Woohoo! \o/ Now I just have a couple more weeks and a group project and I'll finish this class!

Can I just say that ever since I found out about a week ago that Scotty and Uhura were canon from the movies, I've been wanting that in reboot? They would be so cute!

[ profile] raygunronica, [ profile] spiderwebb I seriously want to get with you guys to watch Torchwood! I don't get BBC, so I can't offer my place up, but I'm happy to offer either of yours. :P The first episode is July 20th and airs the same day in the US and the UK. (Though the UK will actually air earlier, so we probably actually could have it at my house if you wanted. No, seriously.) And hanging with y'all at some other point would be cool, too. I can't go to Hedwig, because I have to get up 'early' the next day, so I'll have to see y'all at a different place and time.

ETA: So I've been rewatching Numb3rs episodes, going through the series in order, because I haven't seen all of them and I really do enjoy the show. Anyways, Charlie Epp's friend, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt, ends up going up to the international space station for six months during the middle of season 3. And (yes, there's really a point to this), the episode before he goes up, he gets a cellphone and the ringtone he has for it is the same as the noises used for the TOS communicators. (And you totally know they sound like dolphins.) I squeed so hard when I heard it. It was awesome. I would seriously consider finding that soundbyte for a ringtone, but I can only take my geekiness out into the public so far. XD
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[ profile] raygunronica came over last night and we watched TOS episodes. Finally finished the first season and got through a few of the second. (Yes, I'm watching them in order.) I had a great time! I finally got to see Amok Time and The City on the Edge of Forever (among others.) I enjoyed the episodes themselves and the commentary we had, too.

I was thinking that us DCers should get together and go see a movie or do something else together. What do y'all think?

I don't know if I've mentioned [ profile] kagedtiger's fan fiction before, but if I haven't and if you haven't read anything from her, you seriously should. She's written Star Trek fic and Merlin fic on her LJ, with links to other fandom fics as well. A little while ago she wrote a Doctor Who/Merlin crossover fic Endless Midnight, which took place shortly after the DW episode Midnight. Today she wrote a prequel (of sorts) with Merlin and Captain Jack from Torchwood titled The time that Merlin met Jack. They're good. You should read. If you're not into DW or Merlin, you should check out her Star Trek fic, which is what introduced me to her. I would suggest starting with Past Sorrows, Present Joy.

As [ profile] lila_blue_b mentioned in her journal, we have come to the conclusion that Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen is always on topic. Whether you agree or not, that is now gospel on my journal. Case-in-point: my icon.

ETA: I may have to add Princess Bride to my always on topic list as well. I just saw this icon and it seriously WINS:


Jun. 3rd, 2009 06:36 pm
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(snagged from [ profile] fandomsecrets)


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