May. 23rd, 2009 09:21 pm
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No, not mine, but apparently former South Korean President Moo-hyun Roh jumped off a cliff near his home in Bongha, South Korea and killed himself. He had been under scrutiny for accepting bribes while in office. He was very famous in South Korea, not only for being the president (2003-2008), but for his journey getting there - going from poverty, teaching himself law, and eventually becoming president of South Korea (in short.) He apparently left a suicide letter on his computer, part of it stating, "What's left for me for the rest of my life is just to be a burden to others... Don't be too sad. Aren't life and death both part of nature? Don't feel sorry. Don't blame anybody. It's destiny." His suicide has definitely come as a shock to all of South Korea. I am shocked as well. I know that South Korea is a place where shame-induced suicide exists (think Japanese sepuku, etc.), but I didn't think that someone with such a high profile would do it. I also thought these kinds of acts were on the decrease (thank you insidious Western culture influence.) This was definitely not something I was expecting to see as a headline. Click to read an AP article about it.

On a more amusing suicide note, apparently a passer-by pushed a suicide jumper off a bridge in China. I thought this story was highly amusing and something that I sometimes feel towards suicide jumpers. (Not to be insensitive, etc. to people who want to commit suicide.) Apparently Chen Fuchao had been contemplating suicide "for hours" on a bridge, backing up traffic around the bridge for five hours, when a passer-by, 66-year-old Lai Jiansheng came up to him, shook his hand, and then pushed him off the bridge. Chen survived after falling onto an emergency air cushion with spinal and elbow injuries. Lai commented that he was tired with Chen's "selfish activity". hahaha, Sorry, but I seriously laughed at this article. It was very easy to picture. Apparently Chen hasn't been the only person to use this bridge recently, with eleven other people attempting suicide on the bridge since April.


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