Oct. 26th, 2011 01:22 pm
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Just dropping a note to say "Hi" to everyone. I've been doing good. Went to Markoff's Haunted Forest for the first time with [ profile] lillbet and [ profile] aforestgrew. It was fun. Kind of like Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens except in the woods. Been hanging out with some of my coworkers as well which is nice. :)

My Graphic Novel Book Club is still alive, though we seemed to have lost one of our two members. Tuesday we talked about the first Sandman novel and our adult librarian came as well. Trying to find more ways to advertise it (without having to pay money). I do find it amusing that we've been an all girl group so far.

Decided that I'm going to dress up as a Star Trek officer for Halloween. Hopefully other people will be dressing up at work, too, like they said they would. Either way it will be fun. I have the tricorder app on my phone and can make the communicator noise, so I think I'll have fun playing with that throughout the day.

Other than that, I've just been chilling and counting down the days to Christmas. I'm going home for the week before Christmas and can't wait to see people. :)
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One of the characters in the Korean drama I'm watching just started matter-of-factly explaining how their fans write this thing called fanfic which usually is about a love triangle between him and the other two guys in his idol group.

And then there's a visualization:

On another note, I fared well through the bit of snow we received. (It was fun, but I'm glad this kind of snow isn't a regular occurrence here in DC.) I stayed in Friday, but I went out Saturday evening to meet up with one of my mom's coworkers who was up here for a conference. I had to walk the half mile to the metro station, but it wasn't that bad. It was kind of fun to walk in the streets with everyone else. We met up in Chinatown and then ended up having dinner at a hotel restaurant. I had a very delicious French onion soup. I don't mind walking, but it will be nice when buses start working like normal again. Though I heard that we're supposed to be having more snow tomorrow.
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Last night I went and Star Trek again, but with strangers this time! Well, near strangers. Wonderful people from [ profile] ontd_startrek met up at a theater in Chinatown, DC to watch the movie together.

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