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Forget action figures. This is what I need: *_* )

I still think they need a fannish/fangirl/something-like-that mood. Current moods are inadequate.
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Okay, so this has kind of been bothering me for a while about Spock/Uhura and I just have to voice it now. First of all, I'm not a Spock/Uhura hater and I'm not saying this because it's her. I would be noting this no matter who the other partner was. *coughKirkcough* The problem that I am seriously having with this pairing?

During the entire movie Uhura is a cadet and Spock is her teacher.

I don't know when they started their relationship, but I have to say that I can't see Spock agreeing to it at all because of this one reason, forget any other reasons out there. I can't believe that he was so taken with Uhura, so in love, that he would flout regulation (because I'm sure there are probably multiple regulations against cadets and their teachers becoming romantically involved) and do the most illogical thing of going out with a cadet. This isn't to say that I see all possibilities of them getting together as illogical or a bad choice. It just means that while they were/are still in the relationship of cadet/teacher, student/mentor that I do not see it as something Spock would choose. I know that this Spock is one who does not yet have the control over his emotions as TOS!Spock had, but he is still a Spock who has chosen to follow his father's culture, even if he did join Starfleet.

I have only gotten through 20 or so episodes from the first season of TOS and am slowly working my way through the rest, so I don't know how their relationship was after what I've seen, but I did notice Uhura's flirty behavior and apparent attraction to Spock on TOS. So, it's not like I don't see where the basis of their STXI relationship comes from.

Am I being too picky or biased or something? It's just starting to really bother me whenever I think about them together. (It's okay if you guys think I'm wrong/delusional/crazy, I don't mind. Much.)


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