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Just found [ profile] svmadelyn's Badfic Summary Mini-Ficathon for Stargate Atlantis and Smallville and now I really want one for Star Trek. And Merlin. Seriously. Someone should do this. Just not me because I suck at organizing and promoting things like this.


May. 18th, 2009 03:11 am
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In my new on-going effort to be active (read: no just lurking) on different sites, like lj, I'm making another post. [ profile] damalur pointed out her new layout on Twitter of using Wordle ( to create the header. I really liked the idea and the look of it and wanted to steal her idea. However, since I don't have nearly enough stuff written on lj or twitter and couldn't think of anything I really wanted to put together for my twitter page, I decided, instead, to just play with Wordle.

So I made a Wordle from a story I told [ profile] lila_blue_b in high school when she had missed a day. (Still remember that story? I saved the AIM convo we had when I told it and found it again today when I was looking through my documents.)

And I put it behind my first lj cut. (Which took me three times to figure out how to properly show an entire sentence as my lj cut link.) )

And now it is way past time for bed. I keep telling myself that I'm going to go to bed earlier and somehow earlier turns into later. Maybe if I keep this up I'll eventually end up going to bed when I should be.


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